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Ski Chalet – Megeve

After 5 years of the plant room being on constantly we were asked to provide a full upgrade of a 5- storey ski lodge deep in the French Alps. Controlling under floor heating across 8 manifolds with more than 30 zones, bathroom radiators and driveway heating. The plant room controls operate on weather compensated modulating boilers. The owner can set the indoor and out door pool temperatures using an App that is accessible remotely. The plant room controls also incorporate advanced fault monitoring, email alerts and real time and historic data feedback. Over the first six months of operation we successfully reduced their heating bill by more than 2000 euros per month.

Apartment block – Dalston Centralised meter reading and billing

Bringing together heating controls from 8 independent spaces back to a central plant room. Each apartment enjoys independent room by room heating controls. Back at the plant room 4 air source heat pumps provide most of the heat with the option of a back-up boiler should the weather turn nasty.

All meters (electric, cold water, hot water) are read monthly and the data sent to the landlords for billing. Each apartment has access a central App where they can view their own billing information as well as control their heating remotely.

Albion Works

The project comprises five apartments and two commercial studio spaces. The entire project runs from a central plant room. This provides heating, ventilation and hot water to everyone. KNX enabled the control of temperature in each room as well as sending real-time data back to the plant room. The system aggregates heat demand across the building. This data balances the heat load across the four air source heat pumps. This enables the system to bring each one online as the load increases. A weather compensation strategy will bring on the gas boiler in the event of severe weather.

The system uses many energy metering interfaces. Hot water, gas, heating and solar energy meters are all accessible via a simple App. The system emails the landlord monthly to provide centralised billing of tenants.

This is a truly energy efficient installation. All aspects are Building Regs Part L1A & Part G compliant. Energy monitoring conforms to BREEAM standards.

Tenants can access their systems remotely from anywhere in the world. User-friendly and energy efficient Albion Works is setting new standards.

EnhanceAble Charity, Kingston.

EnhanceAble offer day places for a wide age group with disabilities. Providing tailored daycare and support unique to each service user.

FRH were able to donate time and audiovisual equipment to upgrade the sensory room. The sensory room is a vital resource for the centre providing a deep mind and sense immersion. The new system provides access to unlimited music, spoken word, video and TV.

We are proud to have been able to help support such a wonderful organisation. 


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