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We support projects by providing detailed knowledge and experience during the initial concept design meetings, building a coherent design based upon KNX products. Working with yourself and the design team we would aim to create an overarching control strategy that would then lead to product sets, programming and interfacing requirements. Once the package has been formalised it can be documented, built and programmed. The build process needs to be delivered by local onsite team. The designed systems would need to be installed by the onsite electrical contractor with back up from FRH Ltd where appropriate.


  • Identify, evaluate and test products for the project
  • Design a fully integrated, low carbon BMS system for the hotel
  • Integrate guest services, front and back of house services on to control platform
  • Work as part of the M&E team to create final design scheme
  • Work with project design team to discuss ideas, create concepts
  • Create, document and issue integration design package
  • Provide support for onsite electricians to ensure successful delivery of systems.
  • Offer services onsite for installation, programming and faultfinding.

We would aim to be engaged as part of the design team and would see our role primarily as that of consultant.  Within the role we would anticipate that we would need to design structured wiring for TV, data and other low voltage services. We would not look to supply product but would be happy to help identify product and suppliers.

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